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  • "The spirit of evil is in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated."
    — C.G. Jung
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Proven Virtual and In-person training and customized coaching for individuals, teams and workgroups

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Would you like targeted and cost effective training that can impact geographically dispersed virtual teams and staff? Webinars can be customized to meet the needs of your teams, leaders and staff. Here are some common topics and sought after sessions offered by Peter Metzner, experienced virtual webinar facilitator. View virtual clients.

Foundations of High Performing Virtual Teams

Based on Patrick Lencioni's work, this Webinar will highlight the essentials of High Performing Teams. In an interactive and experiential format, participants will realize ways to foster facilitate and realize greater and sustainable team performance. This Webinar highlights ways to enhance leadership impact and team performance virtually or in person.

Seven Habits of Highly Resilient People

In this Webinar, participants will realize the mindset and habits of highly resilient people. In interactive discussions, each will realize practical ways to be more resilient in navigating the challenges we are facing during this pandemic.

Becoming a Better Team Player & Developing Greater Interpersonal skill

In this experiential webinar, participants will learn how the power and skills of empathy, active listening combined with Assertiveness will help in getting needs met - professionally and personally. Participants will realize ways to become more influential and effective as leaders and team member.

Bringing out the Best in others - and Activating the Best in You

What are the specific behaviors that shut people down? What are the behaviors that activate engagement, trust, commitment, drive and excellence? In a hands-on session, participants will reflect on past experiences and identify specific behaviors that bring out the best in others - and how they can embody them.

Practicing Safe Stress and Preventing Burnout

We live in stressful times with daunting challenges both professionally and personally. This webinar will help in understanding how stress impacts mental functioning, health, productivity, relationships and ability to cope. Each will come out of this session with a plan - proven ways to better manage stress and be more creative in navigating the complexities of our current situation.

How to deal with Difficult People: Assertiveness, Active Listening and Conflict Management

This webinar will identify the types of difficult behaviors and how to better influence, navigate and hold others accountable -whether it be staff, peers or management. Each will understand the essential elements of crucial conversations: When to have them, how to frame them and how to create "win - win" outcomes.

Moving though Loss and Grief

We have a had sudden change in the way we live, work and socialize. Many of our mourning the loss of family and friends. We all are adjusting to a new normal that has yet to be defined. This webinar will look at the stages of grief and how we can move through them in healthy ways. In an interactive format we will look at loss in in ways that deepen empathy, wisdom and help avoid the malaise of not fully grieving and processing loss, trauma or changes we are navigating.

Developing Grit

What is grit and how can it help us? Grit is a quality that can be developed. It helps us reach our goals and navigate difficulties. In this webinar, you will understand how to embody grit and apply it to your personal and professional lives.

Play and Laughter is Serious Business

You will recognize how play and laughter is integral to creativity, resilience, problem solving, team performance, health and well-being. Be prepared to have fun and realize ways you can bring play and laughter to your personal and professional lives.

Costs of Loneliness and Isolation - and what to do about it

This webinar will highlight the devastating consequences of loneliness and isolation to our psychological, emotional and physical well-being. You will realize practical ways to enhance your relationships at work and at home.

EQ and Resilience - Why it is More Important that IQ?

What is Emotional Intelligence and why is more important than IQ? How can we develop it? You will gain a practical understanding of how self-awareness, self-mastery and interpersonal skill are the compass, rudder and sail that will help you navigate these turbulent times.

Advancing your Career While Working Remotely

How do we advance our careers while working remotely? What are the things that you can do that will help you continue your personal and professional growth? In this webinar, you will realize practical and proven ways to enhance or advance your career in our current remote environment and new "normal.

Rewriting Self-Limiting Beliefs

The Fielding Institute teaches: "Whether we know it or not, we steer the ships of our experience based on the prevailing beliefs of who we are and what is real" In this webinar, participants will realize the most common self-limiting beliefs - and those that may be creating recurring patterns. Each will understand ways to rewrite "false self-stories” and replace them with more useful beliefs that can allow you to experience life more fully and open doors both professionally and personally.

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