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  • "The spirit of evil is in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated."
    — C.G. Jung
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Proven Virtual and In-person training and customized coaching for individuals, teams and workgroups

Team and Corporate Clients

Some of the Clients We Have Served with In-person Training

Duke Medical Center
UNC Chapel Hill
Elon University
Environmental Protection Agency (RTP)
NC Employment Security Commission
City of Durham
Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce
Center For Creative Leadership

Post, Buckley, Schuh and Jernigan, Inc
Association of Legal Administrators
NC Association of Educators
NC Society for Ethical Culture
The Inter-Faith Council
Girl Scouts, Pines of Carolina, Girl Scout Council
Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA
Carolinas Association of Chamber Executives


Thank you for the great work you did with the team! It illuminated so much and the collaborative process we got to at the end was truly heartening. It was a great day with valuable work and I know we'll continue to use and grow from the lessons learned. Warmest thanks - we couldn't have done it without you!

Best, Janet H.

Peter, The leadership group met yesterday for one of our regular meetings. There was more true interaction at this meeting than at the meetings prior to our work with you, and someone even said, "how do you think Peter would think we are doing today?" I think we are making progress and will just need to continue in the process. Thanks so much again for all of your work!

Joyce R. Associate Director Organizational Development

"Our staff utilized Peter for a retreat where we focused on the People Map tool. It helped us understand one another's preferences and how we approach situations. It has already helped us better utilize our collective skills and talents more effectively."

Karen Cochran
Executive Director of Development
Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

Sample Comments from Training and Workshops

  • Wonderful! Showed me ways to work better with each other.
  • Very eye opening about myself & my peers.
  • This has built an awareness of what unites us as team but also how we are different as individuals.
  • I found more about myself so that I can learn to be a great leader, then an excellent leader. I am becoming more self aware.
  • This workshop informed me more about my colleagues as well as pointed out valuable information about myself.
  • It made me more knowledgeable about everyone's strengths and weaknesses.
  • I think it will help people (staff) realize the differences in our co-workers.
  • This workshop helped me recognize the traits of those I supervise.
  • Helps me to better understand my working style and the styles of others.
  • It will serve as a reminder that I am perceived differently than I perceive myself.
  • Better understanding of my co-workers and the best ways to deal with them.
  • Raises the awareness level.
  • This workshop has helped me to realize all the different personalities at work and how best to approach and deal with them.
  • It will draw the team closer together.
  • It showed me the different personalities in the office and how to deal with them.
  • It really helps me to consider other people's work style and to work on mine.
  • It will help me work better with my colleagues & my bosses. (Supervisors).
  • It helped me realize not only what type of person I am but also what I can improve to be a better team player.
  • It will help us work better together and hopefully avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • Very helpful personally as well as professionally.
  • Realizing others strengths. Strength may become a weakness if over done. I think it will be incredibly helpful to the people in the office.
  • Will help me be more sensitive to other's styles.
  • We know how to work together & understand each other.
  • We will get along better as a team now that we know our strengths /weaknesses.
  • Learning what motivates me and recognizing the traits that drive me.
  • I can be more tolerant of others.
  • I really feel that I understand how others work and what they are looking for.
  • It really helped me realize how to better work with the others in the group.
  • It reinforced relationships & understanding how we all work

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