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  • "The spirit of evil is in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated."
    — C.G. Jung
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Proven Virtual and In-person training and customized coaching for individuals, teams and workgroups

Leadership Training and Team Building

In team, group or corporate work, our goal is to facilitate enhanced communication and teamwork among work groups. Through assessments, coaching and group work, our aim is to facilitate genuine empowerment through greater acceptance and awareness of self and others.

Important aspects of leadership and high performing teams are:

  • growing, developing and respecting the uniqueness of our coworkers
  • empowering and motivating individuals to perform at high levels and be high achievers

We can do this by becoming more aware of our personality types, strengths and limitations.

Ultimately, the objective is to deepen our own self-knowledge and our understanding of others. This leads to more collaborative, supportive relationships, productive teams and more meaningful lives and workplaces. It means leading from a place of authenticity and genuine personal power.

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Peoplemap™ Workshops

PeopleMap Workshops North CarolinaPeoplemap is a proven program that companies like GTE, PBS&J Engineering, the city of Clearwater and others have found revolutionizes the way people relate to each other and work together more productively. The 1/2 to full day programs can profoundly impact workgroups, teams, sales and customer service. Results are immediately effective, in any sized organization in any industry. Results guaranteed! Learn more about Peoplemap™ Workshops


ChangeWorks Training North CarolinaA truly unique training experience which goes far beyond the scope of typical change management programs. Rather than focusing on traditional goal setting and strategic planning activities at the executive level, ChangeWorks! turns its attention to the individuals who must make those changes happen - the managers charged with the responsibility of implementation. While other programs offer managers many insights into their employees' attitudes toward change, ChangeWorks! concentrates on enhancing a manager's ability to guide their employees during times of transition - to reduce their resistance and boost their productivity).

Change Management System

Introduces participants to the "ChangeGrid"- our proprietary diagnostic instrument which reveals how well an individual or group is coping with the specific changes taking place in their personal and professional lives. The workshop provides thorough instruction in the completion and interpretation of the ChangeGrid and explores over a dozen ways that executives, managers and individuals can use the ChangeGrid to focus their attention and fine-tune their approach for implementing change. Equipped with the insights the ChangeGrid provides, the participants are then able to influence and support the change process more effectively.

Peak Performance: Setting & Achieving any Goal

"People who succeed in life by getting the job, education, lifestyle and relationships they desire ... know how to set and achieve their goals". This program builds on many of the Peoplemap concepts. Participants focus on achieving results. Each will learn both how to set achievable goals and learn a proven and systematic method to achieve any goal. The program is made up of the following five modules:

  • The Four Parts of Personality
  • Self Image and Success
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Seven steps to Achieving any Goal
  • Personality Type and Goals

Every module contains experiential exercises with principles woven into an action learning format. Each participant leaves the program with a plan - an individual road map for reaching meaningful and significant goals. The program offers an in-depth and practical understanding of how to best utilize our personalities, creativity and develop skills that typically generalize beyond the work setting, thus creating greater balance and life satisfaction.

360º Facilitation

360º Facilitation can be a powerful component prior to a team building or leadership program. It can also be used to measure progress in key areas following a program. It may also be used individually as a part of the coaching process. 360-Degree Feedback offers an opportunity to transform ourselves as part of the ongoing process of coaching, team or leadership development. In a safe, confidential and non threatening way, feedback is generated from peers, supervisors and direct reports. You will gain insight as to how your behaviors are impacting others and where you may need to grow.

360-degree feedback will help you become more aware of what is working and what is not in your interactions with others. It is a very helpful component in training and or coaching. 360-degree feedback will give insight and clarity on adopting behaviors that will enhance your leadership, interpersonal skill, and professional effectiveness - thus helping you and your organization be more successful.

Tilt 360º Leadership Predictor Overview

The Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor is a strengths based assessment in a 360-degree feedback format. The tool measures the core strengths of "Leadership Presence & Impact" which specifically evaluates the psychological influence a leader has on their team with regard to creating the conditions for collaboration, creativity and innovation. The Tilt 360 Leadership Predictor is the perfect assessment for senior leaders, high potentials and emerging leaders that need to develop strategic collaboration skills and want to measure their ability to create team level climate enabling innovation and creativity.

Contact us for a complementary consultation to see how Leadership Training and Team Building can help your organization.

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