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  • "The spirit of evil is in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated."
    — C.G. Jung

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Wellness Coaching Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh NC

Wellness Coaching

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Do you feel as though your life is out of balance? Are you feeling overwhelmed by demands on your time, but would like to get in shape, feel better about yourself or go after that passion you just never seem to get to?

Do you feel run down and out of shape? Have you gained weight over the past few years and cannot seem to lose it? Do you just go back to your old ways after trying yet another diet?

Wellness Coaching with Liz Priestley is your solution. I am your guide, your ally, supporter and motivator as we work together to mobilize your internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change in all areas of life.

Wellness Coaching is a client centered approach to empower the client to achieve self-established goals related to their whole wellbeing. Everybody needs a personal plan for wellness. I will help you navigate your own map, guiding you towards your goals with accountability and encouragement.

People progress through the same stages of change no matter what behavior they want to alter in life. It is not a lack of willpower that is preventing you from taking action. Research shows it is being "stuck" in one of the stages of change that is the problem. As a trained Wellness Coach, I will help and encourage you to find the answers to some powerful questions that will make forward movement along the path of change a pleasurable and life changing process.

50% of all diseases and 40% of injuries are caused by behavior. We must change our behavior to live the healthy, happy life we deserve. The old model for change was to have a doctor threaten or scare you into, perhaps, going on a "diet". Research shows that most people who go on limiting diets gain back all the weight they have lost and then some. I can help you find your own abilities and talents that will create a lifestyle change that will last, and best of all, you are accomplishing all of this using strengths you may not even known you had.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching is an effective, personalized relationship to support clients to take action toward their personal and professional desires and goals.

How does Wellness Coaching Work?
The wellness coach helps clients first to discover their purpose and goals then take action toward them. A coach is your guide along the path of wellness. You are able to come up with all the answers you need to move forward because the coach is skilled at asking powerful questions to help form your vision, goals, resources and how to take the steps to achieve them. The coaching relationship is equal. Your coach is your ally, guide, supporter and navigator. You will be able to become "unstuck" and learn how to use your new awareness of internal and self-imposed obstacles, leading to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

How long will it take?
An ideal time for a wellness coaching relationship is about three months. You may, of course, choose shorter or longer time frames.

What is the structure of Wellness Coaching Work?
The client and wellness coach establish the client's values and goals and define the nature of the coaching relationship during a foundational session. The foundational session is 1 1/2 hours and is usually face to face, though it may take place over the phone. Coaching should be done once a week for best results.

What are your fees?
The foundational session is $110. The foundational session fee is paid at the foundational session. Hourly sessions are $80 each. If you pay for all four monthly sessions at the beginning of the month, you will receive a 10% discount on the bill for all four sessions.

How can I know I will benefit from Wellness Coaching?
Research on the return of investment of Wellness Coaching is coming in fast. A few areas that come to mind are:

  • Less absenteeism from work
  • Reduction in health risks
  • Increase in use of existing wellness coaches
  • Decrease in doctor's visits
  • Decrease in accidents
  • Elimination of harmful behaviors
  • Increase in resiliency

Wellness Coaches USA has announced results of an independent analysis conducted by Thomson Healthcare using their ROI tool which showed over a 5 year period the average ROI was 4 to 1.

What are the distinctions between Wellness Coaching and Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, or Consulting?
The professions listed are similar in that they are based on an ongoing, confidential, one-to-one relationship between professional and client for people seeking guidance in order to improve a situation, pattern or circumstance. Generally, a therapist works with people who are seeking healing from emotional pain or trauma. A spiritual counselor uses prayer and consultants are experts with answers or are people who have done what the client is doing. Wellness Coaches work with people who are seeking focus, strategies and motivation and ask "how to" questions. The primary focus of coaching is guiding the client in identifying, prioritizing and implementing his or her goals.

How are Wellness Coaches Trained?
The best wellness coaches go through a rigorous program of certification. You should always ask if a coach is certified. They must complete a curriculum of classroom work, many hours of peer coaching and detailed case studies.

How are referrals made?
It is essential for a wellness coach to accurately represent their qualifications, experience and expertise. Therefore, the ethical coach immediately refers individuals with concerns outside the area of their training and expertise to a list of appropriate professionals.

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