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Dynamic Change North Carolina Chapel Hill NC Corporate Wellness Training
  • "The spirit of evil is in the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can overcome that fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated."
    — C.G. Jung

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Corporate Wellness Training Chapel Hill Durham Raleigh NC

Corporate Wellness Training

Rising Health Care Costs?
Lost Productivity?
We Can Help

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Are you worried that your employees are exercising less, eating more and developing a host of behavior caused illnesses? Health care costs are spiraling and businesses everywhere are looking for an effective means to cut costs.

A Dynamic Change Wellness will work in partnership with you to create a custom training plan that fits the specific needs of your company's mission. We will train your staff to be motivating, inspirational and competent lifestyle change agents! Dynamic Change Wellness will give you the tools, skills and strategies to change behavior creating healthier, more productive highly successful employees.

We will do this by:

Teaching your Healthcare staff effective coaching skills.

Providing your staff with a proven framework and model to use with your clients.

Giving ongoing support as your wellness program grows under our structure.

What are the Benefits of Wellness Coaching and Lifestyle Change Training?

Wellness Professionals find measurable lifestyle improvements in their clients.

Thomson Healthcare conducted an independent analysis using the return on investment tool that allows Wellness Coaches, USA to forecast the potential impact of its coaching model on future healthcare expenditures and productivity. It showed that over a period of five years the return on investment was an average of 4 to 1, or $700 per employee.

Managers see fewer sick days taken and an increase in days worked and productivity.

Individuals who participate are happier, healthier and more satisfied with their lives.

Administrators and CEO's find a reduction in the cost of health care.

An increase in clear communication between staff members.

A reduction in conflict and misunderstandings between staff.

An increase in positive communication between medical staff and family members.

Health professionals know the skills to explain medical directives to families and patients.

Clients feel empowered and supported to make the lifestyle changes needed for wellness.

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